What can we build for you?

Lutrasoft offers professional software development and maintenance services for desktop, smartphone and Web-based applications. Whether you are looking to realise a new idea or simply to refresh an old tool, we have the experience, skills and enthusiasm required to deliver quality software.

Our services

  • Web development (static or dynamic sites)
  • iPhone/iPad and Android apps
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux (CLI/Qt) programs
  • Maintenance/bug fixing of existing software
    (see our software maintenance page for more info)

Why you should choose us

Our priority is on a good user experience. The entire purpose of software is to serve its users’ needs; if it fails to do so, it is worthless. That’s why it is so important to us.

We believe in clarity and honesty. It’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting; that’s why our website isn’t overly flashly and jargon-filled like many competitors, instead presenting you exactly what you need to know. Our communications with you are no different — we will regularly update you on our progress and advise you on our estimates.

Everyone has different requirements, so giving an indicator of cost is difficult, and providing a price list could mislead you with a poor estimate. Instead, describe your problem in a few sentences and provide a contact address in the form below. We can send you a rough quote or suggest a more suitable software consultancy to contact. There is no obligation to follow through; it’s important you know what to expect before committing yourself.