Who is Lutrasoft?

Lutrasoft is a bespoke software development business. Currently it is the trading name of Chris Branch, an experienced University of Bristol graduate in Computer Science who is skilled in many types of software development.

While Lutrasoft is currently a young and small business, we hope to prove ourselves by developing a track record of carefully-considered, high-quality software.
In the near future, I aim to build up a team of like-minded and creative individuals who, like me, believe in the importance of a good user experience and take genuine pride in their solutions to each challenge they face.
- Chris

Personal bio

Fascinated by computers, at the age of 7 he decided he wanted to make a computer game. After trying a demo version of Blitz Basic on the Commodore Amiga, he asked his parents for it at Christmas. Ever since then, he has hacked away on every computing device he got his hands on, both the modern and mainstream – PC, Mac, iPhone and Android – to the esoteric and ancient: PIC chips, the BBC Micro, Acorn computers, Palm, Psion Series 3…

Hobbies include writing, photography, music composition and baking. In true programmer fashion, he’s attempted to combine as many of these hobbies into one unit with his food photo-blog Cooking Coder.